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This minimally invasive procedure is ideal for renewing overall skin tone and texture

Microdermabrasion uses a diamond tip crystal applicator to gently remove the top layer of skin to reveal the glowing layer of skin below. While the applicator dislodges the skin, the vacuum removes any skin and dirt. Revive Skinfx is proud to offer the Apeel Mini Microdermabasion non crystalized machine with a variety of wands to address various skin care concerns.

Microdermabrasion is considered safe for most skin types and can be particularly effective at treating the following conditions:

  • Photo Damage
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Scarring
  • Melasma / Hyperpigmentation
  • Laxity
  • Enlarged Pores

Prices range from $110 – $210 depending on area treated and whether it is a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments.