BBL Treatments

BBL can reduce the appearance of damage to your skin and helps you look years younger

Sciton's next generation Intense Pulsed Light treatment can help reduce or eliminate sun damage, broken capillaries, red undertones, and improve the texture of your skin.  After a lifetime of enjoying sunshine, using harsh products and cleansers on your skin, and the natural process of aging; injuries to the skin's multiple layers start to move towards the surface.  BBL is an invaluable aesthetic tool and produces results that can last months.

Four BBL Treatments Available

Forever Young (Corrective) - Addresses skin tone, scars, and texture

Forever Young (Maintenance) - Anti-aging and care of your skin by increasing production of collagen

Forever Clear - This treatment destroys the bacteria located on the skin to get rid of the microscopic particles that can cause Acne.  Can also clear scarring and hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts

SkinTyte - Improves laxity and works best when paired with microneedling and performed in a series of treatements

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